Stirring the pot at the Ganja Gourmet

This week,

William Breathes reviews the Ganja Gourmet

at 1810 South Broadway, the city's first -- and likely last -- restaurant specializing in dishes containing medical marijuana:

"The Ganja Gourmet," he writes, "is not so much a restaurant as a dispensary where you can hang out, smoke pot and eat some pot food that, in turn, gives you the munchies so that you order more ganja food and hang out and smoke more pot and get the munchies so you order....you get the point."

That would become impossible if Denver City Council passes the proposed ordinance that would regulate dispensaries -- and prohibit the consumption of any pot, including food containing medical marijuana, on-site at a dispensary.

Should that measure pass, Ganja Gourmet's owner told William Breathes, he'll just turn his shop into a take-out only spot. As it is, there's no kitchen in the facility; all the food is made off-site in a commercial kitchen. And is a slice of pot pizza worth $12?

Read Breathes's review to find out.

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