Sugar House has changed hands, but it's still business as unusual

Mayor Michael Hancock celebrates his first hundred days in office today. Compared to the controversy that marked the last few days before the June mayoral runoff -- when the web and talk shows were full of never-proven rumors that Hancock had been a client of Denver Players, a prostitution business -- those hundred days have been pretty quiet.

And now comes word that Scottie Ewing, once the focus of a Westword cover story and the former owner of Denver Players who was outed as a source on the Hancock rumors, has quietly sold Sugar House, the burger joint/swinger spot he opened in 2006.

The building at 1395 West Alameda Avenue that houses Sugar House had gone on the block this spring for $1,200,000; at the time, Ewing said that his real estate partner was interested in moving on to other projects, and that he wanted to focus on a club he was opening in Las Vegas. But that was before the Denver Players story broke, and Ewing reported that his computer with all the documents had been stolen....and Michael Hancock was elected mayor of Denver.

Ewing is still proceeding with his plans for Vegas, where he hopes to get his club open within the year. He'll move there even sooner, in early December. And while the Sugar House building has been pulled off the market, he went ahead and sold the business -- "a pretty successful business," he says -- on August 31.

The liquor license has been transferred, but Ewing still checks in with the new owner, who's put a new emphasis on Friday nights, and is doing a good job of "filling the place with a vanilla crowd," he says.

And the rest of the time, the restaurant/club is continuing business as usual....or is that unusual?

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