Syrup tries to offer a glimpse of the sweet life

Know what I'm really looking forward to this holiday season? Not the gifts or the family time or the generosity of spirit or the tidings of comfort and joy. Nope, I'm looking to the fact that having Christmas fall on a weekend gives me an extra day or two to enjoy brunch.

Because brunch, my friends, is awesome, and this is the perfect time of year to indulge in it.

So for this week's review, I headed to Syrup subterranean oasis in Cherry Creek North that specializes in the meal, serving stacks of pancakes and platters of waffles, sprinkled with various sweet ingredients and doused in housemade syrup. I first fully indulged my sweet tooth with breakfast foods that were basically desserts. And after that, I turned to the savory side of the menu to explore eggs Benedict and omelets, stuffing myself full of eggs and corned beef hash until I had to unbutton my pants and surrender. Brunch should be a glimpse into the sweet life, a world of lazy mornings without obligation. With all that sugar, did Syrup provide it? Find out tomorrow, when the review is posted here along with a slide show.

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