T-Wa Inn celebrates 25 years on Silk Road with a $25 menu for two

T-WA Inn, which opened on January 1, 1984 as Denver's first Vietnamese joint, is celebrating 25 years at 555 South Federal Boulevard by offering a four-course dinner for $25 per couple.

The deal, which continues through Sunday, June 28, includes your choice of soup (chicken Thai, hot and sour or wonton); appetizer (shrimp spring roll or cheese wontons); entree (short ribs, shrimp or chicken with mixed vegetables, shrimp with garlic sauce, sweet and sour shrimp or chicken, or curried vegetables); and dessert, plus 25 years of history, some good, some bad, from owner Tuan Lam, who sold the restaurant to Vinny Tian in 2001 before reclaiming it in 2002 after jolted customers complained about the new ownership.

"We have a lot to celebrate," says T-Wa manager, Linda Tran, "including all the customers who have stayed loyal to us." As to why they're celebrating in June, rather than January, Tran says simply, "People get out more in June." For more info about T-Wa's birthday dinner, call 303-922-2378.

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