Texas Burger Chain Hopdoddy to Open Soon by Union Station

Hopdoddy Burger Bar started in Austin, Texas, in 2010 and now has four locations in the Lone Star state, plus a fifth store in Scottsdale, Arizona. Hopdoddy has selected Denver for its sixth location; construction is well under way to open in the new building just northeast of Union Station some eight weeks from now.

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The company derives its name from hops -- because of its focus on craft beer -- and "doddy," the nickname for Angus cattle in Aberdeen, Scotland. Despite the chain's Texas roots, tap handles will feature Colorado beers prominently -- according to a Hopdoddy rep, the company's goal is to become part of the local community. Burgers will be ground daily at a showcase butcher's counter that will give customers a view of just how fresh their burgers are; Hopdoddy's buns will also be baked in-house.

In addition to Angus beef, premium burgers will also be available, made from Texas Akaushi beef -- a Japanese breed closely related to Kobe cattle. A long list of other protein options -- bison, lamb, chicken, turkey, tuna and a vegetarian "La Bandita" -- round out the menu.

Adding another burger joint to the already brimming Denver scene may seem like a risky proposal, but right now every restaurant is overflowing in the business- and tourist-heavy Union Station area. Hopdoddy knows that it's a difficult market, but says the company's philosophy isn't to be pushy with marketing. Instead, it lets the burgers win customers over.

We'll give you a look inside inside once construction is completed and an opening date set.

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