Thanasi Foods thinks BIGS with bacon

Thanasi Foods LLC

, a Boulder-based company,

makes such unPC-sounding branded food products as Stubb's and Jim Beam beef jerkys.In March, markets will start stocking its latest creation: BIGS, larger-than-average sunflower seeds (hence the name) with the flavors of Vlasic pickles, Frank's RedHot sauce and even bacon, a miracle made possible by the use of


, a new product from J and D foods. (Jason Sheehan would probably bathe in if he got the chance.)

Owner Justin Havlick launched Thanasi Foods in 2003, "with the idea of partnering with known, trusted brands and creating innovative meat snacks and salty snacks," says Marilyn Kroner, Thanasi's PR consultant.

"For the March BIGS launch," she continues, "distribution will start with North American convenience stores and then expand to grocery, drug and specialty stores. The military is another important channel for this type of snack. Thanasi Foods products can currently be found in over 40,000 U.S. retail locations today, and that keeps growing."

And with bacon-flavored sunflower seeds in the inventory, why not?

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