The Burger Foundation: an artistic exploration of humans and medium-rare patties

Now this is art we can get behind.

As first reported by Denver Egotist

, Boulder-based performance artists Michelle Ellsworth has created

The Burger Foundation

, a website dedicated to reevaluating the relationship between hamburgers and humans for the good of all mankind. (A worthy cause indeed.)

The Foundation, which recently debuted at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, probes deeply into all aspects of the hamburger concept though a plethora of stirring online videos capturing everything from hamburger choreography, hamburger torture, hamburger burials and even hamburger sex (NSFW if you happen to work for, say, PETA). Before you delve into its depths, however, be prepared to be jonesing for a double-double by the time you're through. All this food for thought comes across as downright delicious.

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