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The Burnsley Hotel -- and its bar and restaurant -- closing in December

According to a receptionist at the premises, The Burnsley Hotel will be closing next month. This weekend 9News reported that the Burnsley Hotel will be closing December 13. The building has been purchased by RedPeak Management, which plans to convert the seventeen-story hotel into apartments or condos.

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Although hotel manager Dave Milito declined to provide further details, the hotel's website has every day in the month of November and December marked as "no availability."

The Burnsley was originally constructed in 1963 and converted to a hotel with a jazz club shortly thereafter, according to that same website. In 1969 Joy and Franklin Burns purchased the hotel as part of an investment group that also featured Ella Fitzgerald and Kirk Douglas. In 1983 the hotel underwent a major remodeling that turned it into a European-style boutique hotel; the most recent renovation projects were in 2005, when the lobby, dining room and lounge were all redecorated.

While the hotel's eighty rooms (all suites) have been a main attraction for visitors, the Burnsley's food and beverage options have been a big draw as well. The bar is renowned for its happy-hour specials and live music on Friday and Saturday nights. The hotel still offers a "Date Night" special that allows guests to enjoy a romantic evening getaway in a room pre-stocked with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries; as part of the deal, Sexy Pizza will deliver when hunger (of the food variety) sets in.

The restaurant and lounge are still open, so feed your memories before time runs out.

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