The Denver Roller Dolls have ten possible names for their signature beer. Help them choose one.

The Denver Roller Dolls have narrowed the number of possible names for their signature beer down to ten -- and now they want the public's help in choosing the winner.

The beer, brewed especially for the Dolls by the Wynkoop Brewing Company, is reportedly a "pre-Prohibition-style lager" that's "smooth and elegant." This Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m., the Wynkoop will host a launch party and naming contest for the Dolls' brew. Pints will be $5, and each one buys the drinker a vote. The more you drink, the more you vote. (Democracy!) The votes will be tallied at the end of the night.

Continue reading for a list of the contenders.

  • Denver Roller Dolls Bruisin' Brew
  • Denver Roller Dolls Brewsing Altitude
  • Denver Roller Dolls Black and Brew
  • Denver Roller Dolls Altered Skate of Mind
  • Denver Roller Dolls Skater-Ade
  • Denver Roller Dolls Power Jam
  • Denver Roller Dolls Lead Jammer Lager
  • Denver Roller Dolls Booty-Blockin' Brew
  • Denver Roller Dolls Dollface Lager
  • Denver Roller Dolls Hip Check Lager

Doesn't Booty-Blockin' Brew sound like a beer brewed by a witch obsessed with Beyonce?

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