The Falcon is grounded, while Moe's takes off

Even Han Solo couldn't make this concept fly.

Turns out there just aren't that many Star Wars geeks out there -- at least, not enough to fill a bar/bowling alley/live-music venue named after Han Solo's spaceship. So the Falcon is going into dry-dock, and the spot at 3295 South Broadway is becoming Moe’s Original BBQ, taking its name -- and barbecue menu -- from a small, popular chain that started in Tuscaloosa and relocated to Vail in 2000.

But the emphasis will still be on live music, with Geeks Who Drink now adding a Tuesday trivia night to the mix.

Steve Schalk, owner of the nearby Gothic Theatre, bought the former Sport Bowl Lanes & Billiards in August 2007, then transformed it into a combo restaurant/250-person live music venue, keeping the bowling alley and winning our Best New Venue award this March. The Falcon concept lasted less than a year, but he assures us that Moe's will knock over everyone's pins. And as a bonus, he'll be able to add lunch to the spot's offerings. Look for the transformation to be complete next week.

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