The grilled shrimp at bang! came via Momofuku; you can extend the recipe chain

If you did any of the cooking for last week's feast, there's a good chance that at least one of your recipes came from a family member or a friend. My great-grandmother passed away when I was a child, but we still refer to her Pennsylvania Dutch version of baked navy beans -- a staple on our Thanksgiving table -- as Grandma's beans. When I make it, however, I use less butter and more bacon, and chances are you, too, adapted your mom or grandmother's recipes to your own taste. See also:Bang! is still doing a bang-up job of serving affordable comfort food

Home cooks aren't the only ones who borrow and tweak recipes. At bang!, which I review this week, Momofuku's ginger-scallion sauce is repurposed as a bed for crispy polenta with grilled shrimp.

But David Chang didn't invent it, either; he adapted the recipe from Chinatown's Great NY Noodletown, and you can see it here.

Why not extend the recipe chain and try it yourself, as I plan on doing -- though admittedly not as a bed for next year's turkey.

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