The latest Colorado company to jump into winemaking? Colorado State University.

Way to support drinking, Colorado State University! Look for wines made by CSU starting next spring. Blended at Stoney Mesa Winery because CSU is still in the process of applying for the necessary licenses, the bottles with the CSU mascot -- called Ram's Point -- will sell for $10 to $20.

Made from grapes mostly grown on CSU's research station near Grand Junction, the wines will be a mix of traditional varietals like Syrah and Chardonnay, as well as less common specimens that are more resistant to weather changes, such as Vidal Blanc, a hybrid grape usually used in dessert wines. Stephen Menke, the associate professor of Enology at CSU who is making the wines, says the bottles will likely all be blends.

Some wines only take a few months to make and will be ready come spring. Others will be released a eyar or two from now.

The wine line is an effort to raise money for the CSU enology program. When Menke started at CSU in 2008, there was some start-up money for a winemaking program -- but most of that has been used up.

Now Menke is hoping that the wine will sell, and keep the program going. Making wine will also allow interns-slash-CSU students to get really involved with the process -- but that, too, is waiting on the proper licensing.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.