The owner of Kate's Wine Bar in Littleton is opening Jake's Brew Bar

Downtown Littleton, claims Vanessa Menke, has neither a java joint nor a craft beer bar, so why not pimp both under one roof? Menke, along with her mom, Jayne Barth, who runs Kate's Wine Bar on Littleton's Main Street, plan to integrate both beans and beer when they open Jake's Brew Bar in early June, a half-block from the wine bar.

"There are great bars in downtown Denver, and great coffee bars, too, but downtown Littleton lacks both a coffee chop and a craft beer joint, and what we have planned fills both niches," explains Menke, who's opening Jake's in the Downtown Dinners space, a take-and-bake meal convenience enterprise that will close on Saturday and relocate to 6905 South Broadway.

"Downtown Dinners is moving so they can have more parking, but it's a great space for us that doesn't require a lot of work on our part, and it's just a half-block away from the wine bar, which makes it very convenient," notes Menke.

The brew bar, opening on June 1, will serve coffee in the mornings, alongside pastries and snacks, and come afternoon, the quarters will morph into a beer-centric gathering place that'll lubricate revelers until midnight Monday through Saturday. "The mornings will be all about quiches and pastries, burritos, coffee -- good coffee -- laptops and free WiFi, and then it'll turn into a beer-sausage-and-pretzel bar in the afternoon and evening," Menke says, adding that Jake's will have twenty tap lines featuring local suds from Dry Dock, Sandlot Brewery, Renegade Brewing Company, Steamworks Brewery and Ska Brewing Company, in addition to beers that span the liquid globe. "We'll have twenty tap lines with lots of fun craft beers from local, national and international breweries, many of which will rotate, along with fifteen or twenty beers by the bottle," she says, promising, too, that there won't be any Budweiser or Coors anywhere on the premises. "We're serving nothing but craft beers."

The menu, however, won't be craft-driven. "We don't have a full kitchen, so the food will be a basic board of appetizers like pretzels from the Denver Pretzel Company, sausages, cheeses and a few other things like an artichoke heart -- things than go well with beer," she says.

"Kate's is about great wines and great prices," explains Menche, and "Jake's is about great beers and great prices, which is unique to Littleton. There's nothing like this here, and we want to give people the opportunity to experience something unusual, new and different."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.