The truck stops here: Burger battle continues outside Mod Livin'

Judging from the comments posted after Friday's update on the neighborhood campaign against Mod Livin', the mediation session Thursday night only heightened hostilities.

Erick Roorda and Jill Warner -- owners of Mod Livin' and partners with Dylan Moore in Deluxe Burger, the retro restaurant that opened in a corner of the building at 5327 East Colfax Avenue earlier this year, and the Little Orange Rocket, the popular food truck that revved up this summer -- report that on Thursday night, someone fired shots outside their home in Park Hill. That's where they've been parking the Little Orange Rocket overnight in order to placate Mod Livin's neighbors, who are upset that the truck is frequently blocking the alley off Colfax.

The alley that's actually a private drive owned by Mod Livin'.

And on Friday, Roorda and Warner learned that their customers would no longer be able to park in the lot of the nearby strip mall.

"If these hard-core attacks persist," Roorda says, "we will shut everything down and the business will go dark. We've fought enough battles and we're tired. Ironically, when a medical marijuana dispensary takes over the space, the neighborhood will be far the worse for it -- and the ones who are screaming the loudest will have a much worse situation on their hands."

But Roorda and Warner aren't giving up yet. Tensions may have increased, but so have offers of help -- and they're going to try another round of mediation.

It doesn't hurt that other media outlets are now paying attention. Channel 7 should be showing up this morning, just in time to film the Little Orange Rocket as it pulls out of Mod Livin's much-maligned private alley and heads to the Civic Center, where it will feed a crowd of hungry fans.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.