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Three Fort Collins Breweries Are Suspending Brewing Operations

1933 Brewing is expected to reopen with new owners.
1933 Brewing is expected to reopen with new owners. 1933 Brewing
With an amazing depth and breadth of breweries, Fort Collins is one of the oldest and best craft-beer towns — not just in Colorado, but anywhere in the United States. There are roughly twenty breweries in operation there, including New Belgium and Odell, which are among the top fifty largest craft breweries in the country — and more are on the way.

But there will be a little less beer in Fort Fun in the near future, as three breweries have announced recently that they are suspending operations, all for different reasons. At least one of those breweries will reopen under a different name, while a second will continue to operate as a restaurant. The future of the third is up in the air.

The most recent news came from C.B. & Potts, the twenty-year-old Colorado restaurant and brewery chain that is part of the Washington-based Ram Restaurant & Brewery group, which told the Fort Collins Coloradoan that it would temporarily cease brewing until it could find a new location in the city. The restaurant will stay open, but the beer will be brewed in Englewood. The site is being redeveloped, the newspaper says.

A week earlier, seven-year-old Pateros Creek Brewing also said it would cease operations, and although co-founder Steve Jones hopes to continue to brew beer on a contract basis somewhere else, plans are up in the air.

click to enlarge Pateros Creek Brewing will close April 1. - PATEROS CREEK BREWING FACEBOOK PAGE
Pateros Creek Brewing will close April 1.
Pateros Creek Brewing Facebook page
"Many of you are aware of the changes that will be happening to our block. In case you hadn't heard, there will be a new plaza built in our parking lot and there are some internal changes that are taking place. We have been in discussion with the developers, and it has come to some sad news that we will be leaving our space by April 15th," the brewery said on Facebook on March 15 in a letter to its fans.

"Because of the short notice, we won't have a new location secured in time. We will be selling our equipment but hoping to continue operations under contract terms with another brewery. We are definitely heartbroken about this and want to thank all of you from the bottom of our fermenters for being there with us through our journey.

"We have been here for six years and hope to continue to have taps around town while we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and rebuild. We are throwing a party April 1st noon to 7pm (no foolin'), and we truly hope that you all can be there to celebrate with us. We will drink up what is left of the beer and have some old favorites on tap. So, mark your calendars and be here," Pateros concluded.

And finally, 1933 Brewing was sold by owner Cody Pisacka late last year to head brewer Zach Wilson and marketing coordinator Laura Sickles. They closed the brewery down for a few months and plan to reopen later this year under a new name and with a new concept. Details should be revealed in a few days.

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