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Three More Breweries, Two in Longmont and One in Fort Collins, Have Shuttered

Small breweries continue to close across Colorado.
Three Four Beer Company in Fort Collins will close at the end of July.
Three Four Beer Company in Fort Collins will close at the end of July. Three Four Beer Company
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While dozens of new breweries will open this year in Colorado, there have also been a significant number of closures, a trend that is continuing into the second half of 2018. Many more have changed hands over the past eighteen months, the most recent of which was Denver's Goldspot Brewing.

The most recent closures are two breweries in Longmont and one in Fort Collins, which all shuttered — or announced plans to do so — in recent weeks.

Less than a month after a last-ditch Go Fund Me campaign, Skeye Brewing, at 900 South Hover Street in Longmont, closed June 25. The three-year-old brewery posted a note on its Facebook page reading "Dear friends, it is with great sadness that we will be permanently closing SKEYE Brewing on Monday. We thank you all for an amazing journey over the last three years."

Four days later, fellow Longmont brewery Open Door Brewing, at 2030 Ionosphere Street, told the Longmont Observer that it had closed down as well. Owner Billy McDivitt said that Open Door would continue to brew some of its beers elsewhere, even though the taproom was shuttered.

And finally, Three Four Beer Company in Fort Collins announced on July 12 that it would close on July 29. "This adventure has been an amazing one of learning, love, hard work, joy, and a few tears in there. I grateful for every part of this past year," head brewer Linsey Cornish wrote on Facebook. "Thank you all for the laughs, great conversation, advice, friendships forged, and your support of Three Four through the years. It truly has been amazing to share stories and beer with you."

Three Four, which opened in 2015, still plans to tap and serve its remaining beers before closing.

Other breweries that have closed so far this year include: Lakewood's Caution Brewing, FanDraught Sports Brewery in Parker, Crazy Mountain Brewing in Edwards, Powder Keg Brewing in Niwot, Vindication Brewing in Boulder, Beryl’s Beer Company in Denver (which is being taken over by another brewery), and Broomfield's Nighthawk Brewery.
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