Tony's Market update: Opening delayed

I just got off the phone with Danny Rosacci, son of Tony Rosacci and the guy behind the brand spankin' new Tony's Market that was due to open today at 950 Broadway. But now it looks like Tony's will not be opening today.

"The fire department made us jump through some hoops," Rosacci told me, explaining how they'd found some minor issues with the elevator (it wasn't working in sync with the fire alarm system) and a sniffer on one of the refrigerators (supposed to detect freon leaks and wasn't, I guess) and wouldn't allow the staff to bring in anything flamable (ie: cardboard boxes, food or customers) until these issues were fixed.  It was just a little bit too much to get done before today's promised opening, Rosacci said, so the big day has been delayed.

"Officially, Thursday," Rosacci assured me when I asked when Tony's would finally get the doors open.  "But we're going to go ahead and sneak open on Monday."  He added that while the shop might only be at "75 or 80 percent capacity" on Monday (which they're figuring will be slow because of the holiday), by Thursday, everything should be at 100 percent.

One more thing: if you happen to be in the neighborhood and smell something delicious coming from Tony's, that would be the test pizzas the kitchen will be running out. The pizza oven is a massive thing that takes a full two days to come up to its 500-600 degree operating temp. The process was started a couple of days ago in anticipation of today's thwarted opening, and since the thing was already hot....

Well, to Danny Rosacci, his brother Mick (the Tony's corporate exec chef) and the crew already in place, it just seemed like a shame to waste all that heat.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.