Top five machines to make better pasta at home

If you've given up on finding great pasta at local restaurants, here are five mechanical contraptions that might help you make great pasta at home:

1) For the low, low price of $23.99, you can buy a steel-and-chrome, hand-crank Keilen Pasta Machine from the friendly folks at Sears, who want you to know that there's a softer side.

2) On the other side of the scale, there's the behemoth, $5,700, 8.8 pound Commercial Pasta Machine TR75C , which can make over seventeen pounds of pasta an hour.

3) Hammacher Schlemmer makes high-end products for the person who has everything -- including time high in the skies to study the in-flight magazine. For just $199.95, the company's Automatic Fresh Pasta Maker will do everything for you except cook it.

4) If you want authentic Italian pasta, use an authentic Italian pasta-maker: the Italian Commercial Electric Pasta Machine . Authenticity doesn't come cheap; the machine costs $1,799.99 and has buttons that mimic the colors of the Italian flag.

5) And finally, the infamous Ronco Electric Pasta Maker could well be the best of the bunch. The counter-top version has the power to knead and extrude pasta at an alarmingly slow rate -- but at the bargain price of $82.

While these machines will propel all but the most incompetent cooks pasta point of no return, let's not even think about sauce.

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