Trader Joe's Colorado fan video has love, longing -- and dancing construction workers

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With four Trader Joe's stores in the works for Colorado -- but none slated to open this year -- the wait has been soul-crushing for local TJ's enthusiasts, some of whom have been waiting for decades for a link of the California-based chain. Julie Geller, a local musician and resident of the neighborhood where Trader Joe's will open its only Colorado store with a liquor store, at Ninth Avenue and Colorado Boulevard, is keeping herself busy by creating a video showing her love for TJ's -- and dancing construction workers.

We asked Geller a few questions about the original song that she put to video, and she revealed a spoiler up front: The really hot construction worker in the video is her husband. The things we do for love -- and Trader Joe's.

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Westword: So how much do you love Trader Joe's on a scale of one to ten?

Julie Geller: Probably a 20, just like the next guy.

Westword: Do you have any super-favorite Trader Joe's products? Do you like the free samples?

Well, obviously anything chocolate, especially the chocolate-covered caramels. I always stock up on their lemon pepper, too. Plus, until now, I've always been able to stash some lemon pepper in my carry-on bag to take back home to Denver.* Having a local store will mean I can finally buy their liquid products! And yes, their free samples rock. Free equals good.

What's your background with doing videos?

This is the seventh official music video I've released this year. I've moved away from releasing albums (although I am releasing one for Hanukkah in a few weeks) and instead I release lots of singles and videos. Some days I write a song in the morning and by afternoon there's a live performance video of it on YouTube. We don't really have to wait for much these days -- why wait for great music? The Trader Joe's video obviously took a lot of time to film and we had a ton of fun doing it.

There are TJs fanatics out there -- are they your friends or foes?


Are any of the construction workers in the video actual construction workers? Are they for hire?

Well, I don't think any of them are actual construction workers, but they are some of the most capable guys I know. After all, they didn't drop me on my head during the filming of the video. I'll have to check with them on that last question...

If they are for hire, we hope they can help speed up the construction of the first Trader Joe's location -- and look spiffy doing it.

Note: The author of this story was detained at an airport in Maryland for trying to smuggle bags, boxes, jars and cans of Trader Joe's goodies back to Colorado. TSA apparently has no love for TJs or TJs smugglers.

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