Trail Dust building about to bite the dust

It was the Casa Bonita of bad steakhouses, a place where they'd cut off your tie if you dared to wear one into the place, and cut off your arteries with fatty meat and butter-laden spuds.

It was the Trail Dust Steak House, and Denver was once lucky enough to have a pair of these cow palaces. But in December, the sole survivor -- the Trail Dust at 7101 South Clinton in Centennial -- closed abruptly, two years after its Westminster sibling bit the dust.

And now the still-empty Westminster restaurant, which bears a Trail Dust sign easily seen from the highway, is about to bite the dust altogether.

The City of Westminster, which is in the process of redeveloping the Westminster Mall, bought the building for just over $700,000, and for the last few weeks has been using it for firefighting training, prompting frightened calls from motorists who've spotted smoke coming out of what still looks like a restaurant.

But this Trail Dust is long past well-done. In fact, the building is slated to be demolished altogether within the week, cutting another tie to Denver's restaurant past.

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