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Tres Jolie not looking so jolie in Littleton

Tres Jolie Tea & Champagne Lounge won Best Ladies' Lunch in the Best of Denver 2012, as well as an earlier rave review from Laura Shunk.

But those weren't enough to keep this sweet spot in Littleton open.

Seven years ago, Holly Smith was trying to decide whether she wanted to open a restaurant to indulge her love of cooking, or open a woman's boutique that sold scented candles, imported candies and pretty home decor. Unable to make a decision, she finally settled on doing both in the same place: Tres Jolie, which she opened on Littleton's Main Street in 2005.

On the one hand, Tres Tolie was a boutique stuffed full of girlish treasures; the perfect place to pick up a shower gift or something for your mother-in-law. On the other hand, it was a little cafe and bakery that specialized in lunch and tea service, selling sandwiches and salads as well as pastries and champagne cocktails, which you could sip while you shopped.

But now Tres Jolie is no more.

In a voice-mail message, Smith says only that Tres Jolie has closed, and that the storefront where it was located is now available for lease.

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