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Twisted Cream to Serve Boozy Ice Cream on Colorado Boulevard

The Colorado Boulevard branch of Heidi's Brooklyn Deli closed last fall but signs of a new tenant recently went up. Boozy ice cream maker Twisted Cream, which has been selling cocktail-based flavors to Denver restaurants for the past two years, is opening a sit-down ice cream shop next to Dae Gee Korean restaurant in May.

Founder Chris Taub says that pending a final health-department inspection, he expects to open Twisted Cream within the next two weeks, with a possible grand opening event on May 17. The shop will be open daily from noon to 10 p.m., serving both alcohol-infused and alcohol-free flavors.

Taub explains that as long as the ice cream, which he currently makes in a Longmont commercial kitchen, comes in under 6 percent alcohol by volume, it's considered food, not an alcoholic beverage, under Colorado law — so while he can't serve the boozy flavors to anyone under 21, he doesn't need an actual liquor license.

"It took a whole roomful of lawyers to figure that one out," Taub jokes, but he adds that there will be plenty of options for kids or those who don't want an alcohol-based dessert. Some of the flavors, like margarita, mojito and lemon drop, replicate classic cocktails in frozen form, while others use spirits or beer as the flavor base — Jack Daniels honey whiskey, Fireball whiskey or milk stout, for example.

Twisted Cream is currently available in fifteen restaurants around the metro area as well as the Fillmore Auditorium. Taub says his ice cream will also be sold at Folsom Field in Boulder this fall.

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