Udi's opens its fourth bread cafe downtown

For every restaurant that closes, another one opens -- or multiplies. That's the case with Udi's Bread Cafe, which just opened downtown, making it the fourth Udi's Bread Cafe in the metro area. The high-ceilinging, bright and airy 2,800-square-foot space sits directly behind a substandard Quiznos, which recently saved itself from bankruptcy, but the chain's toasted subs are no match for the sandwiches at Udi's, which has always given good bread. We stopped by earlier this week to check out the new quarters and get a taste of what downtowners have to look forward to. Tandoori-spiced chicken pita with lettuce, hummus, saba salad, pickles, roasted garlic yogurt sauce and quinoa salad. Udi's counter. Black bean, corn, mixed greens, toasted pita and chicken salad. Hummus plate with fresh vegetables, kalamata olives and pita. Every day, between 2 and 3 p.m., the staff offers a case full of half-price items, including fruit, cookies, pastries, salads and sandwiches. Udi's dining room.

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