Up for auction: French 250

Schur Success Auctions is advertising a January 5 auction of the contents of French 250, the fancy French joint that had Jason Sheehan all haute and bothered when he reviewed the place this spring. But six months later, owner Ted Reece (right) abruptly closed his restaurant at 250 Steele Street. 

And now the contents -- "lots of restaurant furnishings and equipment," including wine racks, tables and chandeliers -- are being put up for sale, to satisfy a debt owed the Denver Department of Finance. We'd like to make a bid on one of those "barstools, bench-like (for 2)" that made for a cozy, post-coital brunch.

Schur recently auctioned the contents of Barron's Bar, which briefly occupied the former home of Brix, just a few blocks away from French 250. For more information, go to www.success-auctions.com. But fair warning: that's one slow website.


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