ViewHouse is dressed for summer with new cabanas, specialty drinks and menu items

When ViewHouse opened in time for the start of baseball season last year, it upped the ante for downtown watering holes, with a big rooftop deck and a game area down below. And now the year-old ViewHouse is gearing up for its second summer, with nine new cabanas, a fresh menu and table-side mimosa bars.

Despite the far-from-summery weather, yesterday ViewHouse hosted a party to introduce the new outdoor seating, offering tastes of the new menu while employees served trays of the specialty lemonade cocktails and flavored mules.

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he cabanas line the outside of "The Green" outside of ViewHouse, where groups of eight to ten people can reserve the U-shaped areas, and be assigned a server who will bring food and drinks.

"We're very excited about this for summer. There's no place in Denver that has cabanas," explains Stefanie Jones, spokeswoman for ViewHouse. "The green space is so unique but it's to get more people out here, more people gathering out here. It's always been a place for people to really get together with friends, so it's great to have this communal space."

The cabanas are side-by-side, with no dividers between them to keep groups secluded. Instead, they can still socialize. "We don't have curtains between them, we didn't want them to be private," Jones says. "The idea is when you sit in your cabana, you're hanging out with the cabana next to you and on the other side, hanging out, talking, not like you're in a tent."

The cabanas don't have awnings, either, but those are in the works. A party can reserve a cabana for three hours -- and if a cabana is open, anyone can sit there, free of charge.

During brunch, bottomless Bloody Marys and mimosas -- orange and blood-orange -- are $14 until 3 p.m. The mimosa tray delivered to the cabanas includes fresh fruit and fresh juices, along with a chilled bottle of bubbly, of course.

Keep reading for more on summer at ViewHouse.

The new menu items, all housemade by chef Jose Guerrero, include a Colorado striped bass, shrimp and salmon pasta; honey mustard glazed short ribs; beef sliders with egg; and pigs in a blanket.

For the spring and summer, ViewHouse has developed eight specialty mules, made with a variety of liquors: aged bourbon, whiskey, gin, tequila and rum. The two mules featured yesterday were the ViewHouse Mule, which has cucumber-infused vodka, ginger beer, fresh cucumber, mint, lemon juice and lime wedges; and a Bourbon Buck Mule, with Spring 44 Bourbon, fresh lemon juice and ginger beer.

The new menu, drinks and cabanas are all available now -- weather willing. Find more information here.

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