Vine Street Pub has joined the brunch bunch

Vine Street Pub, at 1700 Vine Street, recently celebrated its second birthday. As part of the growing-up process, it's added that most grownup of meals -- weekend brunch -- complete with a Bloody Mary bar to help assuage the pain of a very adult hangover or get started on the next one.

Co-owner Kevin Daly notes that brunch has been part of the pub's plans since it opened. "It's all about the staffing and being ready on a business level," he says. "We just want to do it right."

Vine Street Pub now opens at noon on Saturdays and Sundays, but lunch will grow from here. "That's just when more people are out," Daly explains. "Then we will add Fridays and Thursdays until it's seven days a week. We just do things in stages."

Lunch isn't the only change. "We will probably be doing live music in the afternoons," continues Daly. "We have also been really developing our Belgium beer on tap, so we have a really good selection of Belgium along with the Mountain Sun Ales. That's exciting."

And being able to drink those beers at brunch? Even more exciting.

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