Happy Hour

We'll gladly pass on happy hour at the Krameria Cafe

Happy Place: Krameria Café, 1401 Krameria Street, 303-322-3138.

The Hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 3 to 7 p.m. The Deals: $2 margaritas and canned beer; $3 bottled beer, well drinks, and wines by the glass; $2 tacos and chile rellenos.

Were we happy? Flip the page to find out.

The Digs: The Krameria Café is an inconspicuous little eatery in Mayfair at an intersection that mostly houses chain grocery stores and strip malls. The space is quaint with a neighborhood vibe, and it's apparent that much of its business comes from people who live nearby. Patrons encounter a small bar upon entering the restaurant, an area that gives way to a narrow dining room that's illuminated by natural sunlight and flanked with booths and small tables. The wrap-around outdoor patio is well-shaded and spacious, although the street traffic pretty much nullifies any sense of serenity.

The Verdict: We're not going to sugarcoat it.

Happy hour hasn't sucked this much since our visit to Limon two years ago.

We hadn't heard much about the Krameria Café, aside from the fact that it's popular for for its breakfast and brunch offerings -- and we won't quibble with that. The space is cute, it was perfect weather for patio drinks, and our server was friendly and accommodating. But that's about it for happy hour positives.

We'd ordered a fantastically cheap $2 chile relleno, but when it arrived, it was apparent that "cheap" applied to more than the price. It appeared as though the relleno was missing from the plate, but lo and behold, we found it burrowing beneath some tomato salsa, flat and un-fried and enveloping a thin layer of rubbery cheese. The street tacos were dry and flavorless, and our margaritas were quite possibly the worst we've ever had -- thick and syrupy from too much sour mix, with rims dipped in iodized table salt.

The final verdict? The eating and drinking experience was an abhorrent buzzkill, and as sad as it is to say, we couldn't wait to get the hell out of there.

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Kate Kennedy
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