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Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe will open in the former Pig & Block Charcuterie space

Just over a month ago, Jeff Bauman and his brother Marc shuttered Pig & Block Charcuterie, their butcher shop at 3326 Tejon Street, in LoHi. "We were given a really decent offer to sell, and while things had been going very, very well for us -- we were even preparing to step it up another notch -- it was an offer that was definitely worth taking," Jeff told me when I interviewed him. He also revealed that the buyers -- a couple who once worked with world-renowned, New York-based butcher Joshua Applestone -- would be taking over the space and turning it into another butcher shop.

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And now we know who the buyers are: Kate Kavanaugh, and her partner, Josh Curtiss. "We've been training in New York with Joshua Applestone and his team at Fleisher's Grass-Fed and Organic Meats, and we're ready to bring our knowledge and craft to the Denver market," says Kavanaugh.

The space, now called Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe, she adds, is a "whole animal, nose-to-tail butcher shop." To that end, the partners will sell antibiotic- and hormone-free beef, lamb, pork and chicken, all of which will be raised within 200 miles of Denver. "As whole animal butchers, we'll be utilizing the entire animal, making things like stocks, deli meats, rendered fats and in-house fresh sausages," says Kate, noting, too, that the store will offer locally-sourced dry goods, dairy products and rotisserie chickens.

The duo expects to open Western Daughters in early summer.

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