Westword is partnering with FourSquare: Bring on the badges!

If you've got FourSquare, the location-centric app that allows you to check into (and check out) new spots on your smartphone, you already know that Michael Hancock isn't the only mayor in town. For more than a year, we've hosted a custom Westword FourSquare badge that users can earn when they stop by up to fifty local staples across the city -- with tips and suggestions provided along the way. That badge, which could be yours, is on view to the right.

Today, however, we have even bigger news: As we start work on our Best of Denver 2013 selections, Westword will begin partnering with FourSquare to provide syndicated content. This goes both ways: FourSquare will be syncing events and information from our Voice Places events database, and our database will begin sharing trends, mayorships and other data from FourSquare. Win-win, right?

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And in keeping with FourSquare's game-like structure, there will be new incentives involved. Pretty soon, you'll have more badges than a Girl Scout's sash.

What this means for you: Readers who check in to our Best of Denver locations, for example, will now be able to earn special Westword badges. (By the way, the 2013 Best of Denver 2013 Readers' Poll is now live -- and waiting for your input.)

If you don't have the app, you can download FourSquare here for free to start exploring the city with the added benefit of Westword's event updates. And keep your eyes peeled for FourSquare trends on our Voice Places pages. For more on what kind of events and information will be shared across the new partnership, visit the full list.

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