Where should the Mexican eat Colorado Mexican?

Gustavo Arellano, author of the weekly Ask a Mexican and the go-to guy for all things Mexican, was born in in Orange County, California, the son of a legal immigrant and an illegal immigrant. He tells his family's story --- and so much more -- in his new book, Orange County: A Personal History, which he'll read from at the LoDo Tattered Cover at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, September 23.

Just as Orange County has a very personal take on Mexian culture, so does Denver. And a very personal taste: green chile. The last time Gustavo was here, we took him to La Fiesta, a weekday-lunch-only joint at 2340 Champa Street that the patriarch of the family opened more than forty years ago in an old supermarket. Today, it remains one of the very best examplars of Colorado Mexican, smothering its crispy chiles relleno with a hot, gravy-like green chile you could only find in Colorado.

Where should Gustavo eat this time? What restaurant offers a uniquely Colorado twist on Mexican cuisine? Las Delicias? (I visited the original outpost, opened in 1976 at 19th and Penn, last night, and it was as delicious as always.) Benny's? Maybe even the original Chipotle? Post your suggestions here -- fast. -- Patricia Calhoun

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