Who has the best green chile in Denver? El Taco de Mexico

Green chile could well be this state's major contribution to the culinary canon. Unlike the stew of green chiles, and sometimes just green chiles, served in New Mexico, Denver's various green chiles can feature pork, tomatoes, even beans. We thought we'd tried them all (and loved most of them) until we made a startling discovery a few months ago at El Taco de Mexico, the diner-style joint at 714 Santa Fe Drive that's always been a go-to spot for tripe tacos and other delights.

El Taco de Mexico also makes an incredible green chile -- peppery and deep with flavor -- that knocked out all other contenders. And that includes the green chile at last year's winner, Santiago's, which you can sample at one of that homegrown outfit's spots just a block down Santa Fe.

In fact, we tested the two last summer in our Green Chile Smackdown. El Taco De Mexico won that round, and it continues to best all comers.

Here's the write-up for Best Green Chile in the Best of Denver 2010:

The clean-kitchen-obsessed women with permanent frowns on their faces who bust their asses at El Taco de México? They understand a lot more English than you might think, and if you're stupid enough to malign their green chile -- which we've heard a hell of a lot of bullying gringos do -- then you deserve whatever bad karma creeps into your tortilla. El Taco's green chile is in a class by itself, an incredible food high that's full of invigorating spices, deposits of pork and a slew of hot chiles for maximum twang. It embodies everything that you expect from a killer green chile, and a whole lot more.

Some like it hot. If you're one of them, head to El Taco de Mexico.

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