Welsh Corgis Are So Amazing People Are Naming Bars After Them

Are you ready to get wild and corgi?
Are you ready to get wild and corgi? WIld Corgi Pub
They're stubby little dogs with big personalities. They're just one big butt waggle with ears and a smile. They're Welsh corgis — and they're one of the most popular breeds in America. But are you ready to sit down in a bar and toast with a pint glass emblazoned with a corgi? The owners of Wild Corgi Pub hope so.

Dusty Jones and Sean Maas just took over the former home of the Marion Street Tavern at 1223 East 13th Avenue, naming the bar in honor of Jones's corgi pup. "I wanted something fun, and I have a ten-month-old corgi who is a little terrorist in our house right now," Jones explains. So now the new bar pays tribute to his dog's wildness and, well, corgi-ness.

Other than the panting pooch on the banner hanging over the bar's facade, there's currently not much of a corgi theme in place. But Jones wants customers of the old Marion Street Tavern to know that about 50 percent of the staff have stayed on, so there will be plenty of familiar human faces in the pub. He also notes that at least one tradition will continue: Monday night Forbidden Bingo with DJ Rockstar Aaron.

The owner describes the new watering hole's (or is it watering bowl's?) menu as "feel-good American bar food," which will be served in the evenings seven days a week, since the bar will not be open for lunch. Late-night hours are a sure bet, though, given the Cap Hill neighborhood's demographic.

And about those corgi pint glasses? Jones says he hopes to be able to offer a limited-release glass with a different corgi etching each month once the bar has had a few months to settle in. We'll toast to that! 
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