Yoga meets wine; yuppie spirits rejoice

For devotees of yoga, the practice is all about cleansing and strengthening the body, searching for a higher purpose by standing on your head, and twisting your ankles behind your ears. Hardcore yogis don't smoke, or eat burgers after class, or pour too much Splenda in their organic, free-trade tea.

But many yogis are also yuppies, and the Universe knows that yuppies love their wine. Savvy businesses have tried to capitalize on this coincidence -- there is even a Namaste Vineyards in Oregon whose slogan is "the spirit of the wine honors the spirit of the vine." And now one Denver studio has decided to do the same, with a yoga class and wine-tasting this Friday night.

Divine Play and Wine begins with a yoga class taught by Shannon Paige Schneider, the founder of Öm Time studio, who worked as a sommelier in Boulder before devoting herself to more spiritual pursuits. Her husband, Joe Schneider, is a chef known for his skills at Rhumba Caribbean Café.

After the sweat-and-stretch portion of the evening ends, the Schneiders will instruct the class on the pairing of wine and cheese. This should be interesting, considering that yoga tends to produce a lovely, light-headed feeling (otherwise known as dehydration) that makes getting tipsy incredible easy.

The festivities begin at 6 p.m. Friday, December 19, at 773 Santa Fe Drive. The price is $40 for the class and the tasting, and pre-registration is recommended. For more info, contact Öm Time. --Lisa Rab

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