You don't have to go to Cuba for a good Cuban sandwich

How far is Cuba from Denver? Don't ask your iPhone, because all you'll get is the frustrating line about how you can't get there from here. At least that's what my iPhone 4 says. With all the humorous gaffes (Stapleton airport, really?) related to maps on the new 5, who knows where you'd end up, even if you could find a route.

Luckily, map programs aren't required if you're just looking for a Cuban sandwich in Denver. See also: - Review: The meat-centric Red Star Deli is a rising star - Best Cuban Sandwich: Buchi Cafe Cubana - Favorite food find of the week: Frijoles Cuban Cafe

This delish combo of pork, ham, Swiss cheese and pickles can be found all over town, including at Café Options, where pickles are sweet, not dill; Masterpiece Delicatessen, where the menu touts "slow-roasted mojo-brined pork"; and Red Star Deli, which I reviewed last month and where pork is smoked in-house over oak and cherry wood and served with roasted peppers and sour orange vinaigrette on an Italian roll.

Craveable though these may be, there's now a new spot where you can find a Cubano: La Guarida Cubana. Check back tomorrow for my review to see just how good this sandwich (and the rest of the restaurant's homespun fare) really is.

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