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You think bikini baristas are a hot issue? Wait til you see the video from this Seattle band

The bikini barista coffee shop trend may have only begun in Colorado (for more on two stores in Colorado Springs, see below), but it has reached full, mature size in the Seattle area, where a "pop-punk" band called Quickie recently released a song and video dedicated to the java princesses.

"Bikini barista" is a tongue in cheek celebration of the stores, of which there are quite a few in the Pacific Northwest, says Quickie singer and basist Lou Trez. "It's meant to make you laugh."

During four hours of filming the video at Cowgirls Expresso in Seattle, Trez said he and the other two guys in the band saw 200 cars come through, about 197 of which were driven by men.

But he thinks the controversy surrounding bikini baristas (who are also making news in Michigan) is silly. "if you don't like them, don't go there."

As for the coffee at Cowgirls, he adds, "it was great."

The controversy in Colorado has likely only just begun, however.

In addition to Denver's Hot Chick-a-Latte, which has caused some police calls, and Perky Cups, which was shut down in Aurora, a company called Bikini Xpresso operates two stores in Colorado Springs, and a second company called Wiki Wiki Coffee is about to open with its own scantily-clad pourers.

In Colorado Springs? Yup. Let's see how hot it gets there.

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