You'll Always Have Paris -- If You Buy a Piece of the Iconic Coffeehouse Tomorrow

The sad news traveled fast: Paris on the Platte would pour its last cup of coffee on January 17. Former and current regulars hurried over to say goodbye to Faye Maguire, who'd opened the coffeehouse 28 years ago, when that stretch of Platte Street was almost a no man's land (although there did happen to be a newspaper office -- ours -- on the corner). And the memories started pouring out, including a lovely piece from Bree Davies, who went to Paris as a teenager to smoke cigarettes and dream big dreams.

But if you want to remember Paris on the Platte with more than memories, head to its former home tomorrow.

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From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, January 31, fans of Paris on the Platte have an opportunity to buy a piece of this beloved hangout during a one-day "Nostalgia Sale." The items up for sale include coffee grinders, tables, chairs, signage, restaurant equipment, memorabilia and more.

The doors at 1553 Platte Street will again be open for the sale.

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