Anti-Sharia and Anti-Fascist Protesters Feud at Denver's March Against Sharia

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Kyle Harris
Behind police protection, pro-Trump protesters gathered at the Colorado State Capitol on Saturday, June 10, to express their concern that Sharia law would be imposed on the United States, their disdain for Muslim refugees and their belief that Islam is "a cult." Anti-fascist counter-protesters showed up in force to criticize the "anti-Islam" and racist rhetoric espoused at the main event.

When several men associated with the neo-Nazi white supremacist group the Traditional Workers Party, all wearing "White Nationalist" T-shirts, joined the March Against Shariah, organizers asked state troopers to escort them out.

A confrontation between Antifa, an antifascist group, and the white supremacists erupted. Two white supremacists were detained as law enforcement investigated whether they had pulled a knife on counter-protesters. Eventually, they were released.  Three anti-fascist counter-protesters were arrested during the demonstration. All photos by Kyle Harris.