Denver Meadows RV Park Residents Fight for Their Homes in Growing Aurora

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Brandon Marshall
Denver Meadows RV Park residents enter the Aurora City Hall Council Chambers on Monday, July 11, during discussions on measure 11-D. The rezoning proposal, which could potentially leave many Denver Meadows residents homeless, was tabled.
The residents of Denver Meadows RV Park in Aurora may own the homes they live in, but they do not own the plot of land their homes are on. Shawn Lustigman, the property owner, is trying to sell the twenty-acre strip of land located between Interstate 225 and Colfax Avenue for commercial redevelopment that would include shops, a hotel and other businesses and housing. The redevelopment would be close to the R Line light rail track, set to open later this year. On Monday, July 11, Aurora's City Council tabled the rezoning measure until Lustigman can work out a deal with residents and secure a developer. The decision marked a small victory for Denver Meadows residents; many are low-income and are not able to move their homes. One resident told us that she estimated moving her home would cost upwards of $10,000.