Denver Roller Dolls in California

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The Rocky Mountain Roller Girls vs the Oly Rollers (Olympia, Washington.)
The Mile High Club -- the all-star team of the Denver Roller Dolls roller derby league -- and the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls traveled to California over the weekend of October 1-3 to play in the WFTDA (Women�s Flat Track Derby Association) 2010 championships. Photos by Westword art director Jay Vollmar. Rocky Mountain defeated Oly Rollers (Olympia, Washington) and ended that team's 22-game winning streak, while the Rat City Rollergirls (Seattle, Washington) defeated the Denver Roller Dolls. The Roller Dolls also defeated the Jet City Roller Girls (Everett, Washington.) The Bay Area Derby Girls defeated the Denver Roller Dolls. Rocky Mountain defeated Jet City.