Dog the Bounty Hunter in Edgewater

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Dog is still a big draw in Colorado. Despite that Duane "Dog" Chapman's A&E network reality show Dog the Bounty Hunter was canceled in May 2012 after eight seasons, the bounty hunter and his wife, Beth Chapman, still generate long lines and attracts devoted fans. A street festival around the Dog the Bounty Hunter store on Saturday, July 14 in Edgewater did just that. "The turnout is spectacular. I'm really surprised that so many people have come out. I think there's about seven or eight thousand people here and this is a really great turnout for the city of Edgewater," Beth Chapman told Westword on Saturday. Thousands were in attendance with many of them sporting Dog T-shirts or hats -- or just resembling Chapman in one way or another. Lewis and Floorwax's band, the Groove Hawgs, provided the music for the street festival and photographer Christopher Morgan brings back these photos for Westword.