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Creatures of the Night: Where Shadows Gather

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Shadow / @shadows.gather
@shadows.gather at the Slipper Clutch in Los Angeles.
Photographer Shadow is passionate about capturing Denver's nightlife scene.

“I like to go to all sorts of different clubs,” she says. “I weave in and out of all these different social scenarios. Some weekends, I’ll want to see punk. I’ll go and see drag or go and see hip-hop, or any of the live shows I go to. I try to see all of Denver and all the different subcultures. I wouldn't say I’m specific to goth or any sort of genre. I try to weave myself in and out of all the different scenes that I can.”

Now she has more than 500 photos posted to her Instagram feed, and more than 6,000 people are following her.

"Whenever I post these photos, people are commenting and tagging themselves and remembering these old moments they had in the clubs," she says. "It’s weird to look at these pictures. I have to remind people that social distancing is still very important."

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