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SNAP! 90s Dance Party: The Ugly Sweater Holiday Edition

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Kenneth Hamblin III
SNAP'S Ugly Sweater Party at Ophelia's Electric Soapbox
Ugly Christmas sweaters used to be the domain of endearing great-aunts and soon-to-retire Sunday school teachers. In recent years, these sweaters have, somewhat tragically, become a hipster phenomenon. Instead of scouring local Goodwill racks for choice finds, ugly Christmas sweater party-goers have cynically tapped into a growing ironic ugly Christmas sweater industry. December 23, at Ophelia's Electric Soapbox, this month's Snap! 90s Dance Party, hosted by DJ A-L, had the perfect, trendy-not-so-trendy holiday theme: The Ugly Sweater Holiday Edition. We admire those attendees who didn't buy prefab ironic sweaters, but instead dug up the real deal. Check out these outfits for a last taste of the 2016 Christmas season. All photos by Kenneth Hamblin III.