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Sushi Den Team Offers a Taste of Japan — With a Rooftop View

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Mark Antonation
The owners of Boulder's Sushi Zanmai, which opened thirty years ago, were among the guests.
The owners of Sushi Den, Izakaya Den and Ototo at the corner of South Pearl Street and East Florida Avenue also own a parking garage just down the street, and last night (Tuesday, October 3), they turned the top deck of the structure into a celebration of Japanese cuisine and sake. Yasu and Toshi Kizaki, who founded Sushi Den more than thirty years ago, flew in twenty chefs from restaurants in Japan to serve up ramen, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, sushi hand rolls, yakiniku and pours of cocktails made with sake and shochu. The annual Den Corner Rooftop Party repeats again tonight, and will also raise money for hurricane and earthquake relief. Kanpai!