Ten best marijuana strains of 2013

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Acid - Medicinal Oasis

"The budtender at Medicinal Oasis suggested some Acid the marijuana strain, not the mind-altering psychedelic wonder chemical. The funky, rotting-grapefruit-peel smell was intriguing, and the budtender gave it high marks, so I took a discount-level eighth home for $20. While the dozens of miniature popcorn buds I ended up with didnt have high bag appeal, they were nevertheless tiny rockets of THC that packed a buzz on par with chugging a couple of grande lattes and running laps around the block until youre lightheaded. Appropriately, the Acid had an acrid, hazy flavor to match the funky citrus smell in a vape and a bubbler. It was a jolting way to start the day, because it gave me a huge appetite, and just two or three hits kept me going until well after lunchtime."
When you're the first newspaper pot critic, you end up trying a lot of different bud -- and 2013 was no exception for William Breathes. Here, Westword's cannabis expert picks the ten dankest strains of the year.