Trump-Loving "Proud Boys" Protest Jews, Gays and Feelings

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Kyle Harris
Boulder police escorted several dozen people organized by the white-supremacist group the Proud Boys into a fenced-off area outside the Boulder courthouse and on the Pearl Street Mall on Saturday, June 3. The self-described "Western chauvinists" stood behind police protection and metal fencing shouting anti-Jewish, anti-gay remarks and chanting "USA." One member described his anti-Semitic views as "the new patriotism." On the other side of the fencing, counter-protesters handily outnumbered the white supremacists and shouted at them to go away. Eventually, they did, with the assistance of the police.  All photos by Kyle Harris.

Update June 5, 2017: In a Facebook message to Westword, Proud Boys Colorado stated:

"The thing is, we didn't have too much control on who was in the area. The event was open publicly, and pretty much anyone without a mask on could have gotten in the event area. I didn't hear any of the chants about 'Jewish Supremacy,' or yelling any other slurs. I did hear hateful chants coming from the other side, and projectiles being thrown at us, including bullets.

"You can publish that we did not appreciate some of the comments coming from the man saying "Nazis are people too." Nazis were horrible horrible people, and the fact that the other side is chanting at a crowd full of people, some of them Jewish, calling them Nazis is disgusting. The word Nazi has become a buzzword that certain facets of the far-left will use against anybody they disagree with."

In response to the image of the man wearing the fascist shirt, the group wrote:

"He was at the event for less than a 5 minute period, once his shirt was noticed, he was disavowed and we left the event. We are an anti-racist organization, and we wanted nothing to do with him."