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10 Things to Do for $10 in Denver This Weekend (5 Free!), March 20-22

Remember that episode of The Simpsons when Homer goes to the chili cookoff and then enters the third dimension? It was pretty trippy, but it taught us a  lesson: If you're going extra spicy, know what you're getting yourself into or else you might wind up missing for a couple of days. Hopefully you have fun this weekend and don't go missing because there's chili to taste, beer to drink, music to be heard and laughs to be had at all kinds of events. Bookmark that Westword calendar for even more happenings and feel free to drop a comment about anything we may have missed. 

Iron Arts Festival at Auraria Campus (6 p.m. Friday, free)
My dad used to tell me about working in a foundry when he was a teenager over the summers. He said it was hot, incredibly hard and insanely dangerous. However, the kids in the CU Denver Sculpture Program are turning iron into art, and it's quite stunning. Come see what they have been working on and feast your eyes on a live iron pouring with special guest artist David Lobdell.

Makers Gonna Make Community Social at Deny Designs (7 p.m. Friday, free) 
Doing it yourself and locally sourced goods are all the rage right now. It's cool to be self-sustaining, and for these local artisans, these small markets and pop-up shops are the perfect place to sustain themselves. Spend an hour or two browsing cool home goods, art, food and booze while the easy beats pour out of the speakers courtesy of Mile High Soul Club. The makers will be there in person, so soak in a story of how their ideas turn into realities. RSVP here.

Collectible Records Compilation Release Show with Inaiah Lujan and Sawmill Joe at Leon (8 p.m. Friday, $10)
The people behind Collectible Records — born and bred in Denver — strive to produce quality local music that creates a thriving network of musicians and music lovers. Tonight, they're proud to release a compilation album of a few hits they've produced over the years, and to celebrate. They will also showcase the stylings of Inaiah Lujan and Sawmill Joe, both local legends in their own. 

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake at Hi-dive (9:30 p.m. Friday, $10)
At the head of the Denver music scene cool kid table is Snake Rattle Rattle Snake. They hit hard and fast, while being incredibly fun to watch. Do yourself a favor if you've never seen them play, because it's a must see of reverb and energy. Also, catch the psychedelic sounds of Pale Sun and dream pop vibes of Plume Varia to round out your Friday.

Press Play at McNichols Building (10 a.m. Saturday-Sunday, free)
Redline gallery is proud to present a multimedia exhibition which makes it's debut today and is open Saturdays and Sundays through June 28. Explore the space filled with prints, projections installations and video games which encourages and is inspired by playing. See these artists like Molly Bounds, Mark Amerika, Milton Croissant III and many more, working with and against the rules of play.

Beers & Spears #5 at Denver Beer Co. (12 p.m. Saturday, $10)
We take our beer very seriously here in Colorado, but the pickle gets less shine. If a pickle could get you drunk it would probably be more popular. But today you can enjoy the pickle while sipping on some of those tasty Denver Beer Co suds. For $10, grab a flight of beer and learn how to pair cucumber preserves along with it from The Real Dill. There's also going to be a spicy pickle eating competition, which for you vegetarians is the closets you can get to a chicken wing eating contest, so don't miss out on that. 

Buddy, Buddy! Sketch Comedy at Voodoo Comedy Playhouse (7 p.m. Saturday, $5)
Custom made sketch comedy is what you'll find at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse tonight, made by buddies. Inspired by the audience, comedy cronies Janae Burris, Timmi Lasley and Mara Wiles will make you laugh while wearing wigs and doing sketches. These wit between these three women is something else and the performance is 100 percent original. Delicately stated by the show's website, "It’s basically a friendship bracelet of comedy."

Suspect Press Magazine #6 release party
at Mutiny Information Cafe (9 p.m. Saturday, donations)
Today at Mutiny you can get a meet some artists, hear readings from Westword's own Noah Van Sciver and Josiah Hesse, win a date, play trivia, laugh at some Chris Charpentier comedy and tap your foot to the sounds of The Knew and Bass To Mouth. Now that's a long list of things to do for a small donation, and it's all in celebration of what is billed as the single best magazine that has ever been made, ever: Suspect Press Magazine #6: I hope your mother will forgive you because I never will. The free Denver based rag highlights non-fiction, music, art, comics and most other things that are cool.

Maxfund's Chili Cookoff at Celtic Tavern (1 p.m. Sunday, $10)
Purchase $10 tickets here before the day of the cookoff to support our four-legged friends at the Maxfund. The ticket gets you the chance to taste green, red, white, vegetarian and celebrity chef chili all day long to eventually vote for the winner. All that chili might even earn you a day off work on Monday. Even if it's in the bathroom, a day off is a day off, you know? 

Queenz of Hip-Hop Jam at Driscoll Center (1 p.m. Sunday, free)
If you claim your hip-hop, grab a sheet of cardboard, rack some paint, dust off the mic and get down to this female dominated hip-hop battle royale. Dudes will get their shine too, but in the male dominated world of breaking, graffiti, emceeing and deejaying it's going to be cool to let the ladies ride the wave for once. Head on down to the Driscoll Center on the University of Denver campus for a full day celebrating the queens of hip-hop.

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