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Artist Wendy Harriman Branches Out with Wandertrees at Fancy Tiger

Art and fashion go hand in hand for Wendy Harriman, an artist inspired by her surroundings whose show, Wandertrees, will open at Fancy Tiger Clothing this weekend. The featured pieces are wall hangings that integrate found pieces from nature with fibers and suede to create works of macrame art that bring a modern bohemian feel to any environment. Each piece begins with a piece of wood that informs the rest of the work. As Harriman sees it, “There are patterns in nature everywhere you look, and each stick I find inspires what that piece will look like.” Harriman, who comes from a family of artists, is continually inspired by nature — especially in Colorado, where there is an abundance of beauty.

"Colorado has such a beautiful backdrop for inspiration; I find it easy to love the outdoors here," she says. "I can find myself wandering around finding amazing branches to use. I can find beauty in a stick! All the different curves, and colors, and texture. I love the organic one-of-a-kind feel that my art has [since] no two branches alike."

Her interest in art extends to fashion. "The connection between art and fashion for me go hand in hand," Harriman explains. "I went to fashion school in L.A., then got my degree in fine art. So I have true passion for both. I think fashion is art you wear, and art is fashion for your walls. Sometimes I think I would wear my art if it were a necklace, it's just a necklace for your walls."

Her art and Fancy Tiger share the same style: "My art hopefully speaks the same language as the clothes and jewelry speak to the people that shop there. The found objects are really the sticks I use and occasionally I will use random rusty bolts or something for its randomness in texture and unexpected use. I like using found objects in my work because it makes that piece one-of-a-kind."
"My inspiration for this exhibit was to combine my love for nature and bohemian style with textures for the wall," she explains. "There are organic patterns in leaves and trees and throughout nature that I use for inspiration in my macrame. I like to take a modern approach to macrame, mixing different materials and feathers, giving it a different feel. I love using feathers; they are strong enough to weather all the elements of nature yet they are so soft."

Once Harriman finds the right piece of wood, she starts doing macramé, a form of textile-making using knotting rather than weaving or knitting. As the work grows, Harriman integrates various natural materials, including feathers or more wood with the macramé fibers and suede.  

Wandertrees opens on Friday, March 6 with an opening from 6 to 9 p.m. at Fancy Tiger Clothing. The exhibit will be on view through Sunday, April 26.

You can see her work there, or contact her directly. "I love doing commission work," says Harriman, "and it's best people contact me through my e-mail: [email protected]" Follow Harriman on Instagram here. 

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