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The Ten Best New Street-Art Murals of 2016 — So Far

Murals have been blooming like Denver's cherry blossom trees this spring. No sooner had we settled on our award-winning mural in the Best of Denver 2016 than amazing street art started popping up around town. Here are the ten best new street-art murals of 2016 (so far)... 
10. Dread
Horseshoe Lounge
414 East 20th Avenue

Dread is the mastermind behind the new gallery Four Site; he also happens to be the creator of the largest street-art festival in the state, Colorado Crush. For his recent birthday, Dread painted this mural on the east-facing wall at Horseshoe Lounge; the ethereal character sits next to a fresh and brilliantly executed freestyle.

9. Joseph Martinez
Crow Bar
4395 Yates Street

Although he's known for his mastery of small-scale artwork, Joseph Martinez has created another large-scale mural with this beautiful crow on the wall of Crow Bar, a new bar in Berkeley that took the spot of Nip N Sip (and the Rosa Mia Inn before that). Martinez is also acclaimed for his art on matchbooks, as well as his mural work with Palabros, a trio featuring Martinez, Jaime Molina and Pedro Barrios. Look for more work from Martinez this summer in association with the Urban Arts Fund.
8. Gamma 
Monkey Barrel
1611 Platte Street

See this while you can, because this building on Platte Street won't be around long. That means we'll not only lose the original Monkey Barrel, but the amazing street art that Gamma Gallery has painted on the exterior of the doomed space. He started with a portrait of Peyton Manning, then added the Vince Lombardi trophy after our Super Bowl 50 win. His latest mural, behind trees on the north-facing wall, is a gorgeous female artist named Zaira Estrada, the second in a series featuring street-art portraits of real Colorado Creatives. The Monkey Barrel will be resurrected in Sunnyside this summer. 
7. Faatma Norouzizadeh and Alicia Cardenas 
Cold Crush
2700 Larimer Street

The patio wall at Cold Crush is a revolving door of beautiful art. Right now it's serene and colorful, thanks to new work by Faatma Norouzizadeh and Alicia Cardenas, finished just in time for spring. Bien fait. 
6. Art by Hex
In the alleyway in between 36th and 37th avenues, and Humboldt and Franklin streets

This new piece by Hex graces an ever-changing wall that's frequently painted by the SHR crew but invites new perspectives and new artists throughout the year. This new rendition is a favorite, featuring a tall traveler character by Hex. When you check him out, you'll also see some fresh new graf tags in wildstyle to the north. 

Continue reading to find five more of the best new murals in Denver.

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Lindsey Bartlett is a writer, photographer, artist, Denver native and weed-snob. Her work has been published in Vanity Fair, High Times and Leafly, to name a few.
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