Best Of Shopping & Services

  • Best Old-New Denver Tour

    1600 block of Wazee Street

    We call it the Tumbleweed Tour. Visitors who want to experience Denver old and new in just half an hour should head to the 1600 block of Wazee Street. On one side of the street is Rockmount Ranch Wear (1627 Wazee St., 303-627-7777), the classic Western-wear company run by the Weil family since Jack A. Weil created the snap-button shirt in 1946.

  • Best First Stop for Visitors

    Tourist Information Center

    Last year, Visit Denver closed up its old visitors' center on the 16th Street Mall while it outfitted a spanking-new Tourist Information Center just off the mall, one outfitted with B-cycle bikes hanging overhead, a big screen filled with images of Colorado, old-school brochures, and touch-screens to tell you about the latest attractions.

  • Best Trip Back in Time

    Four Mile Historic Park

    A day at Four Mile Historic Park is sort of like a day of time-traveling — except there's no DeLorean required, and you don't have to leave this urban oasis smack in the middle of Glendale in order to be transported back to the 1800s.

  • Best History Lesson on Wheels

    Banjo Billy's Bus Tours

    History tours of Boulder and Denver, brewery tours all over, nighttime ghost tours: Banjo Billy delivers the goods with funk and flair.

  • Best Look Back at Denver's Past

    The Denver Eye

    Like an unofficial historian of local commercial lore, Tom Lundin offers a daily dose of Denver in pictures via The Denver Eye.

  • Best Denver Podcast

    Welcome to Denver

    Hosted by Nebraska native and Colorado transplant Cory Helie, Welcome to Denver dishes up in-depth conversations centered on what makes this city so great.

  • Best National Podcast Based in Denver

    The Eddie, Jason and Chris Show

    Former KBPI DJ Eddie Barella and high-school buds Jason Newcomer and Chris Barr take to the airwaves every Monday night to interview newsmakers, local and national artists, and the occasional mother of a fangirl in this music-centric podcast.

  • Best Neighborhood Blog

    We Are North Denver

    This city is changing — and as it grows, the We Are North Denver blog wants to make sure the pre-boom history of north Denver isn't lost forever.

  • Best Neighborhood Group

    Servicios de la Raza

    Servicios de la Raza has come a long way since it began as a small group of individuals providing mental-health services for Denver's Chicano/Latino community more than four decades ago.

  • Best Sports Team — College

    Colorado State University Rams football

    Not since the halcyon days of coach Sonny Lubick have the CSU Rams been so much fun to watch.

  • Best New App


    Thanks to the Internet, fangirls have ample content to consume. S

  • Best TV Commercial

    Bailey's Moving & Storage

    It's the rare spot that combines cheesy production values with celebrity star power and vintage-ad satire — but this commercial for local company Bailey's Moving & Storage pulls off that tricky trifecta.

  • Best Radio Talk-Show Host

    Susie Wargin

    There's a perception that any television personality can excel on the radio, but this rarely proves true: TV and radio call for distinctly different skill sets, and plenty of people who've made a good living reading what others have written flounder when required to speak for themselves.

  • Best TV Anchor

    Kyle Clark

    Kyle Clark has a couple of things that many other TV anchors lack: a personality and a sense of humor.

  • Best TV Weathercaster

    Lisa Hidalgo

    Weather is important to TV viewers in Colorado, which is why stations dedicate so many of their resources and so much of their time to its coverage.

  • Best Hair on a TV Personality — Male

    Raul Martinez

    Unlike those stations that make their personalities conform to rigid hairstyle standards — to the degree that all of them look as if they're wearing identical helmets — Fox31 allows staffers to express themselves by way of their follicles, and sports reporter Raul Martinez takes full advantage.

  • Best Hair on a TV Personality — Female

    Christine Nöel

    For TV personalities insecure about their hair, we imagine it would be a terrible burden to work at the same station as Corey Rose, our 2014 Best Hair winner, and the possessor of enough of the stuff to keep Locks of Love fully stocked for years.

  • Best Non-Network TV Personality

    Eden Lane

    Since 2009, Eden Lane has been hoofing her heels all over Denver to cover the burgeoning performing-arts and media beats, using a scant crew to grab an interview with new talents and introduce them to the world via her weekly, self-produced In Focus show on Colorado Public Television (Channel 12 to those in Denver).

  • Best Place to Get a (Men's) Size-12 High Heel

    Studio Lites

    Sitting quietly on Broadway for nearly four decades, Studio Lites has long been the secret place to grab some "club wear," as the sign advertises on its storefront.

  • Best Place to Spot a Fashionista

    Larimer Street

    Larimer Street stretches from the Auraria campus to the River North area — and all along the way, you'll spot fashionistas scattered among the students, downtown businesspeople, edgy RiNo artists and tourists venturing off the 16th Street Mall.

  • Best Store on Broadway


    Over the years, Ironwood has settled comfortably onto its foundation, and it now glows with an aura of history that makes its museum-like collection of oddities, treasures and specimens from the natural world seem timeless.

  • Best Store on Colfax

    Studio Colfax

    Studio Colfax is at least half a family affair, dreamed up by the sister duo of Rebecca and Sarah Tischler, who, with the help of friends Sara Bruce and Marguerite Specht, opened the artisan boutique on Colfax Avenue last summer.

  • Best Store on the 16th Street Mall

    I Heart Denver

    Samuel Schimek's Colorado-centric I Heart Denver, which began as a temporary project and grew into a thriving downtown business, keeps doing its magic on the second level of the Denver Pavilions, where it caters to tourists and locals alike.

  • Best Store at DIA

    U.S. Post Office

    These days, when you don't even need paper tickets or boarding passes to get on a plane, having a U.S. Post Office in an airport might seem like a quaint relic of the past.

  • Best Store at Union Station

    5 Green Boxes

    Charlotte Elich's well-honed retail formula for her 5 Green Boxes store on South Pearl Street — a lovely blend of repurposed furniture, whimsical housewares, fun and stylish clothing and accessories, and other serendipitous finds — is a perfect fit with the vibe at the renovated Union Station, though Elich has had to rein in her stock for the tiny LoDo space.

  • Best Shopping for Outdoor Gear

    1400-1600 blocks of Platte Street

    Whatever part of their paychecks outdoor-loving Denverites still have left after paying for their lift tickets and filling up their Outbacks with gas usually ends up getting spent on Platte Street, where three of Denver's biggest outdoors stores are clustered next to each other.

  • Best Neighborhood Shopping District

    Old South Pearl Street

    The neighborhood businesses of Old South Pearl Street seem to have a way of handling growing pains while still making the shopping and dining hordes welcome.

  • Best Indoor Mall

    Cherry Creek Shopping Center

    Thriving in the heart of Denver for over a quarter of a century, the Cherry Creek Shopping Center defies categorization — and attracts hordes of tourists as well as local shoppers ever year. Far more than just your average mall, Cherry Creek offers a high-end shopping experience through retail experts like Nordstrom, Hyde Park and Neiman Marcus, as well as more down-to-earth service at spots like Apple, Gap and Sephora — a combination no other commercial area in the state provides.

  • Best Indoor Mall

    Cherry Creek Shopping Center

    Thriving in the heart of Denver for over a quarter of a century, the Cherry Creek Shopping Center defies categorization — and attracts hordes of tourists as well as local shoppers ever year. Far more than just your average mall, Cherry Creek offers a high-end shopping experience through retail experts like Nordstrom, Hyde Park and Neiman Marcus, as well as more down-to-earth service at spots like Apple, Gap and Sephora — a combination no other commercial area in the state provides.

  • Best Outdoor Mall

    Aspen Grove

    When it first opened, Aspen Grove featured the usual suspects, links in national chains lined up in an outdoorsy Colorado setting.

  • Best Men's Boutique

    Sully & Co.

    At his man-enclave in Jefferson Park, entrepreneur and corporate dropout Mark Snipe shows a keen and creative eye for menswear that's preppy without defending the status quo.

  • Best New Men's Boutique

    Armitage & McMillan

    This colorful addition to Platte Street is packed with premium goods, staples that every man needs to build a perfect wardrobe, including dark raw denim and crisp button-up shirts.

  • Best New Women's Boutique

    Whorl Shop

    This flower of a boutique blossomed from a seed that Megan Timlin planted under the moniker Stritch last fall.

  • Best Small-Run Source for Designers

    The Cotery

    Designer, community builder and Westword MasterMind Tricia Hoke teamed up with her tech-savvy entrepreneurial partner, Charlotte Genevier, to hatch a plan for putting Denver designers on the map without sucking up their limited cash flow.

  • Best High-End Consignment Boutique

    Ali's Closet

    Prada? Kate Spade? Stella McCartney? Jimmy Choo? The once unaffordable comes much closer to matching what your pocketbook can cover at Ali's Closet, a friendly resale boutique with a twenty-year track record and a discerning eye for better-brand quality.

  • Best Shop for Punks and Goths


    After spending 27 years on a storied block of East 13th Avenue, counterculture-apparel hub FashioNation made its way to South Broadway last year.

  • Best Shop for Fast Girls

    SVN Jackets

    Every woman's running jacket offered by this Englewood-based online boutique is "sewn by the CEO," Sarah Vander Neut. And what jackets! SVN offers an astonishing array of patterns, colors and materials, all with attention to comfort and durability. Vander Neut has given considerable thought to what you might need during...

  • Best Shop for Masquerade Attire and Fetish-Inspired Wearables


    Catering to steampunks, goth queens, Victorian-fetish-ball attendees and every fancy human in between, ArtsMyths is a specialty apparel shop unique to this city.

  • Best Place to Reclaim Your '80s Nostalgia

    Fifty Two 80s

    Children of the '80s, rejoice! Someone found that secret spot in your brain where all those favorite action figures, Atari games and other pop-culture rarities have been gathering dust and made it real. Walking into this quaint storefront — with the mantra "STAY GOLD PONY BOY" printed on the entrance...

  • Best Thrift Store

    Buffalo Exchange

    Maybe it's a stretch to call Buffalo Exchange a thrift store, but it does recycle gently worn garb at more affordable prices.

  • Best Artistic Hats

    Paul Moschell

    Assemblage artist Paul Moschell creates boundary-breaking hats — whimsical, fantastical, found-object creations — that made their debut in a pop-up shop last spring.

  • Best Museum Shop

    Denver Museum of Nature & Science

    The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is an inquisitive child's (and adult's) dream hangout, and its gift shop just continues the exciting learning experience.

  • Best Museum Shop for Adults

    Molly Brown House Museum

    Looking for a little something special for Mom, or maybe a birthday present for Dad?

  • Best Frida Wear

    Bella Frida

    Laura Lambrecht named her Louisville boutique for Frida Kahlo, the iconic Mexican painter and cult heroine, who loved traditional garb like handcrafted embroidered huipils and woven rebozos made by village artisans schooled by their mothers and grandmothers.

  • Best Handmade Handbags

    Buxiejo Bags

    Bag designer Kerrin Pogozelski found her calling in a leatherwork class, but it took time and a few deep breaths before she felt ready to make her first handbag.

  • Best Retail Marriage Made in Heaven

    Lili Marlene Custom Lampshades/Table M Lamp Restoration

    Inspired by the elaborate lamps she saw during her travels in Europe, and after completing an apprenticeship, Linda Grove revived the fine art of creating custom lampshades. That was almost three decades ago, and since then, Grove's Lili Marlene workshop has popped up in different locations around Denver. But now...

  • Best Place to Buy Handmade Candles

    Rosy Rings

    An impressive small business with an international presence, Rosy Rings sprang from humble roots when Shannon Cumberland began manufacturing hand-poured botanical candles with an old Crock-Pot, dented molds, essential oils and beeswax in her Denver kitchen.

  • Best Reappearance of a Boutique


    Really, Peppermint never quite went away, in spite of its integration a few years ago into its sibling store, the male-oriented SoulHaus, in the splendid EZE Mop complex.

  • Best Return of an Old Favorite

    The Alchemist

    For many years, Ninfa Laughlin's Alchemist, a toiletry shop and perfumery with an old-world feel, held forth alongside the Artisan Center on Third Avenue in Cherry Creek North

  • Best Eco-Friendly Beauty Company

    R.L. Linden

    Run by BFFs Lynn Till and Robin King, R.L. Linden got its start as a kitchen-based beauty business focused on providing friends and family with skin care made from only the good stuff.

  • Best New Vintage Boutique

    Vintage Cottage

    The vintage truck stops here: When Tara Dover couldn't cram one more beautiful item into her La Lovely Vintage Boutique on wheels, she grew her little rolling empire of commerce by adding a brick-and-mortar home, Vintage Cottage, to the trail she'd already blazed in her 1957 Shasta canned-ham trailer, Lucy...

  • Best Vintage Eclectica

    Little Horse Books & Vintage

    Little Horse got its start in Boulder but is now settled into three separate buildings in Louisville, where owners Mike Price and Adriane Hirsch reside. Each space has the feel of a collector's eclectic living room or attic, furnished with mid-century classics, vintage stereo equipment, antiques, curiosities and shelves of...

  • Best Home Store for the Global Village

    Rare Finds Warehouse

    Your taste isn't West Elm or Crate & Barrel, nor does it lean exactly toward South Broadway's antique chic.

  • Best Doll House

    Turn of the Century Antiques

    From the name alone, it would be easy to assume that Turn of the Century Antiques has the same type of inventory as so many other shops along Antique Row: vintage furniture and housewares.

  • Best Interactive Wall Hangings


    Ryan Kvande's kinetic sculptures make for attractive objects even when stationary. But start spinning these elaborately carved, mandala-like wooden wheels within wheels, and the soothing effect is, as Kvande puts it, "like getting lost staring at a campfire." Each piece is meticulously handmade, dyed rather than stained to highlight the...

  • Best Safe Video-Game Store

    Level 7 Games

    A community abounds inside Level 7, where gamers can play, discuss and geek out safely and securely. So when a thief wandered into the store in early December and brazenly snatched an expensive video-game system, owner Elijah Taylor calmly gave warning and then used some simple self-defense moves to take...

  • Best DVD/Blu-ray Selection

    Twist & Shout

    Looking for an obscure, culty or important work of cinema on Blu-ray or DVD? The first stop on your shopping list should always be Twist & Shout, an independent home for music and movies whose shelves are stacked high and deep. Big-box stores have nothing on Twist & Shout when...

  • Best Movie-Poster Artist

    Jay Shaw

    If poster design is one of the final frontiers of art these days, then Jay Shaw is our Jean-Luc Picard, boldly taking posters where no posters have gone before.

  • Best New Graphic-Arts Collective

    Laser Party

    Joe Oliver, Joe McGrory, Matthew Therrien, Jeffrey Kristian Morris and Kelly Brown aren't household names — yet — but these creatives are ready to save the world with their imaginations and their pens. Thanks to their new collective, Laser Party, which is as strong as a Voltron cat, the young...

  • Best New Bookstore

    City Stacks Books and Coffee

    Launching a bricks-and-mortar bookstore in the Age of Amazon requires an abiding faith in the idea that price isn't everything — that serious readers care about community, selection and ambience, too.

  • Best Old Bookstore

    West Side Books

    Lois Harvey is captain of a beautifully chaotic ship at West Side Books, where piles of books and magazines stretch from floor to ceiling.

  • Best Workspace for Teens


    An impressive array of equipment and software awaits innovators of all ages on the fourth floor of the Denver Public Library's Central branch — as well as workshops to help you figure out how to use it all to make your own videos, games, music, crafts and more.

  • Best Craftsman for Craft Beer

    Steve Fast

    Steve Fast is about to become a brewhouse-hold name. You can spot Fast's work not only in the Barrel Room at Denver Beer Co., but also in the tap room of the recently opened Ratio Beer Works. For both locations, Fast hand-carved most of the tables, chairs and other small...

  • Best Place to Learn Your Craft

    The Craftsman & Apprentice

    It's becoming a do-it-yourself world — and that's not a bad thing.

  • Best Mini-Apprenticeships


    Want to learn how to craft a quality skateboard or master every detail of preparing a gourmet meal? Soulcrafting is the brainchild of entrepreneur Bryan Muir, whose DIY switchboard aims to connect people hankering after new skills with those who can teach them. Through this one-stop marketplace, you can hook...

  • Best New Flea Market

    Denver Flea

    In one fell swoop, Blake Adams made the flea market more man-friendly — in a unisex, fun way — with the Denver Flea, which pops up in different locations and collaborations to suit the season while mashing up its merchandise with free craft beers at the door (to all who...

  • Best New Flea Market

    Denver Flea

    In one fell swoop, Blake Adams made the flea market more man-friendly — in a unisex, fun way — with the Denver Flea, which pops up in different locations and collaborations to suit the season while mashing up its merchandise with free craft beers at the door (to all who RSVP in advance) and good eats to cure the mid-shopping munchies.

  • Best Foodie Fair


    Josh Sampson had a big idea: to create a portable eating experience on the level of the Brooklyn Flea food market he'd frequented before moving to Colorado.

  • Best Farmers' Market

    Denver Urban Homesteading

    While bigger, seasonal farmers' markets crop up from May through October to take advantage of Colorado's harvest, Denver Urban Homesteading is still the place to go for year-round local meats, dairy, baked goods and other farm-fresh products. It's open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday (unlike the weekly parking-lot markets), and...

  • Best Market for Farmers

    Boulder County Farmers' Market

    "No Farms, No Food" is a bumpersticker cliche that happens to be true. The people who run the Boulder County Farmers' Market (and its Longmont sibling) know that farming's a hard and uncertain job and that farmers need customers and support.

  • Best Farm for Visitors

    Sunflower Farm

    For a growing gardener, Sunflower Farm is Colorado's version of Disneyland.

  • Best Under-the-Radar Farmers' Markets

    UrbiCulture Community Farms

    UCF gardens are more than community gardens: They infill neighborhood spaces with growing things instead of condos; they create a learning environment for children; and they provide fresh produce for Denver's food-desert neighborhoods as well as for social-service nonprofits like Warren Village. Currently, UCF runs four garden farmstands, where folks...

  • Best Elegant Chefs' Market

    Le Jardin Secret

    Although the metro area is blooming with good farmers' markets, few evoke the charm of a European market — the kind you'd find nestled along a brick lane, overflowing with perfect baguettes, heady cheeses, rare heirloom tomatoes and other gourmet fixings.

  • Best Way to Cook With Kids

    Sticky Fingers Cooking

    Aspiring foodies will adore Sticky Fingers Cooking, a mobile school that teaches children ages two and up gourmet scratch-cooking techniques, instructing them on the preparation of global concoctions (think dragon noodles and lemon-ricotta pancakes) using child-safe knives and organic produce.

  • Best Sugar Overload


    If you noticed a rise in manic behavior on the 16th Street Mall in the past year, the fault might lie with It'Sugar at the Denver Pavilions, Colorado's first link in a gargantuan national chain of candy stores that claim to do everything sweet and bad for you, bigger and badder than anyplace else.

  • Best Place to Buy Candy While Spying Gnomes

    The Gnome's Nook Confectioners

    Imaginations run wild at this magical — and delectable! — gem bursting with confections, nostalgia and lots and lots of gnomes, most hiding among woodland creatures and offbeat fairy decor.

  • Best Shop Dog

    Cousin Ebo

    Cousin Ebo, a four-year-old Weimaraner, is the perfect host at Djuna, greeting customers like a sleek, silvery maître d'; he's a particular hit with the ladies.

  • Best Place to Adopt a Dog

    Colorado Animal Welfare League

    Colorado Animal Welfare League's Lisa Petri cares about the welfare of animals not just in Colorado, but also around the world.

  • Best Dog Accessories

    There's a sense of fun in Ken Carrick's Parker-based online doggie boutique, what with all the over-the-top pajamas, hound snoods, robes and bling available to accessorize your four-legged fashion plate with.

  • Best Frozen Yogurt for Dogs

    The Bear & The Rat

    Dogs love ice cream, but dairy doesn't always agree with dogs.

  • Best Healthy Dog Food

    Betty & Wilma's Pet Supply

    National pet-food stores are in ruff territory these days, with a lot of high-profile problems, so Pam and Carl Holzapfel started their own pet-supply store in order to fill a particular niche: a place that carried only U.S.-made, healthy yet affordable pet foods and treats.

  • Best Luxury Pet Resort

    Paradise 4 Paws DIA

    Denver International Airport went to the dogs (and cats) in December when the ultimate airport convenience — a luxury pet resort where you can drop off your pet on your way to check in for a flight — debuted at DIA's WorldPort facility.

  • Best Wildlife-Spotting Service

    Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

    Thirty years ago, the discovery of a roost of bald eagles on the grounds of this former weapons plant helped spur a massive cleanup, one that transformed one of the metro area's most polluted sites into a 15,000-acre refuge for wildlife — and the rest of us. The nine-mile, self-guided...

  • Best Wildlife-Removal Service

    AGD Humane Varmint Control

    Wildlife, like Reese Witherspoon, belongs in the wild — not in your basement or attic. AGD has a spectrum of non-lethal removal methods for snakes, skunks, squirrels, birds, bats and other varmints who have set up house without invitation.

  • Best Name for a Tattoo Shop

    Bound by Design

    The name Bound by Design conjures up different meanings, like a sense of quality and integrity, or a passion for art. But the root of the name actually goes back to the community that helped start the tattoo-and-piercing business. "Modern piercing started with the S&M community," says owner Patrick Scarano...

  • Best Friday the 13th Tattoo Marathon

    Marion Street Tattoo and Gallery

    When it comes to tattoos, most would agree that quality beats out a bargain. Luckily for ink collectors, Marion Street offers both with an all-day tattoo marathon every Friday the 13th.

  • Best Place to Get Poked With Needles

    Pin & Tonic

    One of the first community-style acupuncture spots to hit Denver, Pin & Tonic delivers affordable alternative medicine to locals with health issues ranging from stress, fatigue and back pain to fertility and digestive problems.

  • Best Name for a Hair Salon

    Fluff Bar

    Fluff Bar promises "a drink, a drink...a blast" — but not the kind of "fluff" that porn fans might be expecting.

  • Best Colorado Cannabis Invention

    Joel Halen's Honey Hole

    When it comes to dab rigs, the sky's the limit: People spend thousands on technical glass pieces that filter cannabis residue and recalculate water ratios while delivering smoke to their lungs.

  • Best Way to Infuse Your Edibles

    The Mota Pot

    Cannabis-infused edibles are readily available in this state, of course, but if you have special dietary needs, it's not always easy to find something uplifting that won't wreck your digestive system.

  • Best Sour Diesel

    L'Eagle Services

    >If dispensaries are like restaurants, then Sour Diesel is the cheeseburger and fries of marijuana: Everyone grows it, but some people do it way better than others.

  • Best Vape Shop

    Rocky Mountain E-Cigs

    If you think all vape pens are created equal, you've never been to Rocky Mountain E-Cigs.

  • Best Name for a Marijuana Dispensary

    Mr. Nice Guys

    Wanna talk to Sampson? Too bad — but you can take Sir Smoke-a-Lot's advice: "When life is hard, pick up the card with the smiley face."

  • Best Head Shop

    Illuzion Glass Galleries

    There are dozens of head shops in Denver, all carrying roughly the same bongs, papers, pipes and one-hitters.

  • Best Bud Selection for a Pot Nerd

    Holistic Life Medical Marijuana Dispensary

    Want to try a new strain? Something you've never heard of before? We do, too, which is why we were so pumped to find Holistic Life.

  • Best Buds That Look Like They Were Grown in a Nederland Hippie's Basement

    Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine

    Though it's right on the edge of the metro area, Golden's Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine looks like a mountain cabin — the kind that quietly, discreetly pumps out the type of top-notch cannabis that Colorado is known for cultivating.

  • Best In-House Edibles

    Pure/Colorado Cannabis Company

    If edible cannabis is your thing, you're probably tired of the same old flavors, dried-out cookies and boring candies.

  • Best Dispensary Perks

    MMJ America

    The MMJ America name sounds misleadingly corporate for a shop carrying the quality of cannabis that it does.

  • Best Cannabis Concentrate Company

    Green Dot Labs

    Smoking tar-like, crumbly chunks of pressed hash is so last century.

  • Best Rec Dispensary for Your Non-Pot-Smoking Mom

    The Green Solution

    If you live in Denver and have friends or family visiting, odds are they're curious about what a pot shop is really like — even if they don't smoke or want to purchase anything.

  • Best Marijuana Activist

    Jessica LeRoux

    Though she has put her Twirling Hippy Confections business to the side (for now), Jessica LeRoux hasn't stepped out of the cannabis arena.

  • Best Pot Pricing for Recreational Customers

    Good Chemistry

    Good Chemistry has always bucked the trends. It was among the first medical shops to offer all strains at $25 out the door for an eighth.


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