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  • Best Guess for When the Broncos Will Go Back to the Super Bowl


    This is it, folks: the Broncos' last best chance to make it to the Super Bowl with Peyton Manning.

  • Best Bronco

    C.J. Anderson

    The list of Broncos who played worse last season than they did in the season before that is long, and there are a lot more names on it than just Peyton Manning's.

  • Best Rockie

    Justin Morneau

    Justin Morneau has been around. He made his major-league debut in 2003 and followed up a long and successful stint with the Minnesota Twins with a brief stop in Pittsburgh before inking with Colorado — and in his first season with the Rockies, he batted a brawny .319 by way of 160 hits, seventeen of them home runs.

  • Best Nugget

    Kenneth Faried

    The Denver Nuggets have been a team in turmoil this season, losing their coach, several big names and plenty of games.

  • Best Av

    Jarome Iginla

    The Avs are loaded with young talents (including Matt Duchene, Nathan MacKinnon and Ryan O'Reilly) who overachieved in 2013-2014 before coming back down to earth this season.

  • Best Rapid

    Deshorn Brown

    Although Deshorn Brown has only been a Rapid for a couple of years, he hasn't been shy about taking charge.

  • Best Mammoth

    Adam Jones

    Although he's not the team's number-one star — that's still John Grant Jr. — Adam Jones is giving the spot a run for its money.

  • Best Outlaw

    Eric Law

    Attackman Eric Law is a hometown boy — a native Coloradan and graduate of Arapahoe High School who played his college lacrosse at DU.

  • Best Sports Team — Professional

    Denver Broncos

    We come not to bury the Denver Broncos, but to praise them.

  • Best Coach — Professional

    Patrick Roy

    It's been a rough year for pro coaches of the big four teams in Denver: John Fox jumped from the Broncos before he could be pushed, Brian Shaw was unceremoniously dismissed by the Nuggets, and Walt Weiss managed to survive as Rockies skipper only because general manager Dan O'Dowd was the designated (and belated) sacrifice.

  • Best Coach — College

    Jim McElwain

    For coaches at colleges outside the power conferences, validation for a job well done comes when bigger universities come calling, and that's what happened for Jim McElwain, who was hired by Florida after the end of the regular season.

  • Best Sports Announcer

    Alan Roach

    KOA longtimer Alan Roach has manned the public-address system at a slew of Super Bowls, but not at the 2014 edition, because of the theory that hearing him would have given the Broncos an unfair advantage over the Seattle Seahawks.

  • Best TV Sportscaster

    Vic Lombardi

    Vic Lombardi continues to stand head and shoulders above his sports-anchor peers, in part because he refuses to be confined to TV.

  • Best Radio Sports Show

    Sandy & Scott

    It's a combination that shouldn't work. Sandy Clough is Denver's resident sports intellectual, breaking down teams, players and strategies with the scholarly acuity of a scientist, while Scott Hastings has a reputation as a fun-loving goofball who's incapable of pronouncing any "g" at the end of a word.

  • Best Mascot

    The Twins

    Okay, okay: Betty Fitzgerald Hoover and Peggy Fitzgerald Coppom, known collectively as the Twins, aren't traditional mascots for CU-Boulder, which already has a fine one (hello, Ralphie).

  • Best Roller Derby Name

    Sweet Mary Pain

    Quick — what's Colorado's fastest-growing recreational pursuit? You know, besides that.

  • Best New Roller Derby Team

    Ground Control

    The Denver Roller Dolls rebranded themselves as the Denver Roller Derby this year — the league's tenth — partly to mark the addition of a new traveling men's team, Ground Control.

  • Best Full-Throttle Fun for Women

    The Scarlet Headers

    Riding motorcycles isn't just for the boys: Each week, the Scarlet Headers, a group of hog-riding women who promote equality in the world of motorcycling, come together to ride, gear up on motorcycle maintenance and support rookie riders.

  • Best Twerking Workout


    If you've ever had the inclination to practice your best Miley moves, the Twerkshop at Tease dance studio is the perfect place to burn some cals while learning a sexy new routine.

  • Best Yoga With Live Music

    Karma Yoga Center

    In Hinduism, "bhakti" means love and devotion — and that's what Katrina Gustafson's classes are all about.

  • Best Yoga With Scenery

    #Yograffiti by @lafitara

    For a sweet new hashtag showing off Denver in all its glory, check out @lafitara's #yograffiti on Instagram to see the Denver resident flexing and posing in mind-boggling fashion in front of street art and city buildings, showcasing often-overlooked parts of the 5280.

  • Best Free Outdoor Workout Group

    The November Project

    It's not easy to run, climb, jump or do lunges before the sun comes up — much less in inclement weather. But it helps when you get support and hugs from fellow members of the November Project.

  • Best Place to Work Out Like Nadia Comaneci

    Awaken Gymnastics Inspired Fitness

    Awaken is not your average gym. It doesn't feature rows and rows of treadmills, sweaty exercise bikes and back-to-back episodes of House Hunters International playing on wall-mounted TVs.

  • Best Place for a NERF War

    PATH Movement

    By day, PATH Movement is the country's only fully customizable parkour gym, offering patrons new ways to jump, swing and climb on its movable obstacle course each day.

  • Best Bowling Alley for Everyone

    Elitch Lanes

    Elitch Lanes attracts everyone from weekday pizza-and-beer leagues to late-night bowling aficionados. Business and blue-collar types, high-schoolers and senior citizens have bowled alongside each other for years as the booze and sodas flowed.

  • Best Sports Bar for Watching Games

    ViewHouse Centennial

    Flush with its success in the Ballpark neighborhood, ViewHouse opened a second outpost last September right off I-25 in Centennial — and it turns out that residents of the southern suburbs had been hungering to get in the game.

  • Best Sports Bar for Playing Games

    Blake Street Tavern

    The winner and still the champ! Since 2003, Blake Street Tavern has been scoring big with sports-bar fans — and the best got better when Blake Street opened Underground Social, the ultimate solution for a big basement space that now features its own bar, jukebox and photo booth, along with...

  • Best Sports Bar for Food and Drink

    Highland Tap & Burger

    When Highland Tap & Burger opened in September 2010, it was a sports lover's secret spot for catching a game.

  • Best Old-School Summer Night

    Lakeside Amusement Park

    There is no place in this state quite like Lakeside Amusement Park.


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